Monday, June 29, 2009

This is an ode to those we've loved and lost....

This post is dedicated to those friends who, through possibly some fault of my own, have had some misfortunes.

First, is Lovey. Lovey has been with me from the very beginning. Mommy and Daddy had her in the car with me on the way back to my forever home. This is me on one of my first days with Lovey.

This is Lovey now. After countless surgeries and head/limb/tail reattachment surgeries, Lovey finally had to be "put to pasture". I will miss her.

Lovey: 11/08-6/09. Friend, playtoy, snuggle buddy.

Next is Moe. I had Moe for less than a week. Moe used to be a giraffe. This is Moe now.

I say, "What's wrong with having more than one?"

Thirdly is my Wubba. I don't have an "after" picture of wubba, but let's just say there is no more top tennis ball on the wubba anymore. Mommy got me another one, but that was also gone that night. :)

Lastly is Mr. Mister, my turtle. He has been MIA for a couple weeks for what Mommy calls "medical leave". This is how I will always remember him!

Times are getting desperate in the house of Whitworth. I'm starting to play with my own limbs! It's not fun!

Anyone have any suggestions for a new snuggle buddy? Otherwise, I might have to start on Mommy's shoes...she will not be happy!

And just a little side note from Stella's mommy. I was looking through baby Stella pictures last night and came across these. I forget how little she was! My big girl is growing up!!

January 2009: 3 1/2 months, about 35 lbs
March 2009: 5 months: 50 lbs

June 2009: 7 months: 90 lbs (notice my new "big girl collar"! Mommy and Daddy first bought it when they first got me. It could wrap around my neck twice when I was a baby. Now it fits! :) )

Stella out!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My friends and family!!

This is my good friend Andy. Andy works with Daddy on television here in Lexington. Mommy and Daddy call him their "adopted son" because he likes to come over and have dinner with them.
Unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy don't let me have any of the food that they have, but I still enjoy chewing on my rawhide, or what Daddy and Mommy affectionately call my "squid".

Andy and I are great friends. I love it when he comes over cause he gives me lots of pets and kisses.
We even like to be silly with each other!

I love my Andy!

I am Daddy's big girl!

I love lounging with Mommy!

I love our family!

In other news, I went to the vet yesterday and I got on the scaley and it said I weighed 77lbs. The nice receptionist Claire said I was so well-behaved because I sat like such a good lady while Daddy and Mommy were talking to the nurses!

My puppy class is a lot of fun. There's about 7 puppies in my class. They seem really nice and I can't wait to get to know them more. There was one doggie there that had been in the puppy class 3 times now because he hadn't learned how to be quiet. Sometimes it was hard to hear the nice lady because he was so noisy! Sometimes I didn't listen to what Mommy and Daddy had to say cause I was listening to the puppy talk. I will try harder next time to listen to them instead of Kramer!

Hope everyone is having a good day!!