Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some pretty pictures of a pretty lady!

I love my mommy!

Daddy likes to snuggle.

Me and Lovey like to snuggle.

I'm such a big girl!
Thank you for all your help with the potty issue. Yesterday, when I was in my bed when Mommy and Daddy were at work for a couple hours, I didn't go at all!!! Mommy and Daddy are letting me sleep a lot longer during the night instead of waking me up to go outside. Which is good, cause its COLD outside and I don't like it! Plus, I think Mommy and Daddy like it too cause they don't seem as tired as much as they were. That means more playtime for me!! Yey!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do you know what they're talking about?

So, seeing as I'm just a young pup, my mommy and daddy are working on this thing they call "potty outside". I don't really know what it means yet, but they get really excited when I go outside to go potty. They give me dirty looks when I go on the floor. I don't know why though?
Is there any other puppies that know what they're talking about? Mommy and Daddy keep saying that I'm such a good girl and I want to make sure that they keep saying that! :) They've already put a bunch of stuff in my cage so that I can't potty in my crate. (I don't like sitting in it! Yucky!) What do other doggies (and mommy and daddys) do for this problem?


Monday, February 16, 2009

Introducing Stella!

Hello big world! My name is Stella. I am a 3.5 month old English Mastiff. I am new to the blogging world and I really hope I can keep up with all the interesting and exciting things that are happening here.

I live with my Mommy and Daddy in Lexington, Kentucky. I used to live with my dog daddy until I got my forever home just recently.

I am a big snuggle bug! I like to sleep with my "lovey" dog and my towel. I've also learned that I like to ride in the car too, but normally I just fall asleep. It's very soothing!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to meet a lot more four-legged friends on here!