Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Too many doggies!!

We had some trauma at the dog park today.
Mommy and Daddy took me today for the first time ever because it was so nice outside. Well, we were sitting towards the fence, getting comfy with some other puppies, when out of nowhere, a Jack Russell Terrier came up to me and jumped on me and played too rough for my taste. I got nervous and started to run. Well the little doggy thought I was playing.
I wasn't.
My yelping must've been a sign for help or something because then a whole group of other doggies came out to my rescue. About 10 (TEN?!? That's how many puppy toes I have!! TEN!?!?!) of them were running around with me, jumping and barking and causing a whole bunch of ruckus that is too much for my little puppy mind! I was so scared!!! I think mommy was scared too cause she said that all she saw was a pack of dogs running over her little baby! :(
After that I stayed close to mommy and daddy. I sniffed a couple of doggies, but mostly I just wanted to go home!!!
What makes the whole thing worse is that I had to get another thingy they call a bath after the whole ordeal!! Yuck!! I had JUST gotten a bath the day before! Ugh!
I think that mommy and daddy are going to try again to go to the doggie park, but hopefully not for awhile!! I don't think I can take it!


  1. My mom and I went to our lokhal township park today...I saw a doggy that looked like woo!

    Please be khareful...and watch out for the JRT...they are pretty hyperweird!


  2. Awe you poor thing, dog parks can be scary sometimes. Just take it one day at a time. =)

  3. Stella, my little love, please be careful at the dog park. My Beautiful Raja (who was blond like you) and I never really liked the dog park too much.

    I think it is because us full sized doggies are not always very nimble and all that jumping and body slamming makes us nervous. I am happy visiting with one or two doggies at a time, but more than that kind of freaks me out, especially if they move too fast.


  4. Awwwwwwwwww, what an awful experience for you, Stella! You're much too young and cute to stress about something like this! We hope your next dog park visit is a much happier one!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Those BRT owners need to sedate their pups before they go to the park - their noise sets us off too - but we don't get to go to a dog park:( The next time you go, we bet it will be a lot better.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  6. Hi, Stella...

    I hope you didn't get too scared at the dog park...I'm sure the other doggies just wanted to play...I'm glad your Mom & Dad came to rescue you...

    Oh...And, then after all that you had to have a bath?? I'm sorry...

    I hope you have a better day tomorrow...

    Abby xxxooo

  7. Waldo will have to go with you next time. He is the dog park policeman, after all.