Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh by the way!

I completely forgot to post pictures of my puppy class!
This is (Honey) Bear. He's a Chihuaha mix.

He says, "I know I look good!"

Lacie, the lovely labra-gal loved wearing the graduation hat! She's such a natural!

Lily, the goldendoodle is a good friend of mine. We like to go to the doggy park together sometimes. She so cute, even with her gray goatee!

Dolly, the goldendoodle was the youngest of our group. She did such a good job!!

She did need a little coaxing to leave the hat on, but we won't tell! :)

And then there's me and my big-ness. Graduated lady! :)

"Yeah, I just graduated today. No big deal!!" :)

All this picture taking is making me sleepy!

Congratulations to the class of June 2009!! :)

We were trying to get a picture with her diploma, but it didn't really work very well.

She is much more interested in a crumb on the ground. Mmmh!

Thank you Liz for being my teacher!!!!

I tried to post a video of Stella doing some sweet moves, but for some reason, it doesn't let me. If somebody can show me how, maybe I can dazzle you someday! :)


  1. Khongrats Stella!

    Woo look simply THRILLED with the khap thing!

    As fur the video, woo khould put it on YouTube or Photobucket then link it from here...

    I don't use blogger fur videos - just pikhs


  2. We post all our movies on YouTube. It is much more reliable. They gave you hats for graduation! Cool!


  3. Congrats to Stella - way to go, girl!!!

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  4. Congratulations, Stella! We're very proud of you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Hi Stella,
    Congrats on your graduation! I like your neat hat, I didn't get one of those, just a silly bandana!

    Our first mastiff question is about slobbies! We hear mastiffs have lots of slobbers, is this true? I slobber sometimes, but normally when I eat drink or its hot outside. Is it bad and how does your mommie combat your slobbers?